About Us

Elvi’s Trading Import & Export Company, founded 18 years ago on January 15, 1996, works in the handcraft sector and specializes in Peruvian artisan products such as glass-painting, wood-painting, woodcutting, printed leather and so on. Our principal products are furniture, ornaments, and useful everyday items. Many of these items are produced from cotton and alpaca knitted fabrics designed by our outstanding women. These artisans are highly qualified and are experienced. We have buyers from all over the world including the USA, Australia, Europe, and Central America.


The mission of our Company is to offer to our clients high quality products for the low price to satisfy any type of clients and exceed all their expectations working with creative specialists and using best material to elaborate our goods.

Keeping with the times we want Elvi’s trading Import & Export, to be recognized in the field of handcraft industry and reach the best quality of our products satisfying demands of international market. Investing in our staff we want to support talented Peruvian artisans and improve their living level.